About the Irish Sepsis Foundation

Members of the Irish Sepsis Foundation.

The Irish Sepsis Foundation is a non-profit charity organization founded and launched in September 2022 by barrister Doireann O'Mahony. The current board of trustees also includes James Corcoran, Sinead Corcoran, Lorraine Corcoran, Aimee Nolan & Bernard Jackman - each of whom is committed to the cause, bringing a unique perspective and different set of skills to the charity.

Founder Doireann O'Mahony met Stephen Carr (Former Republic of Ireland International) late in the summer of 2021 and each shared their experience of witnessing the devastation that can be caused by sepsis - Doireann who helps those affected through her legal work, and Stephen whose mother died suddenly in January 2018 due to sepsis. Both had a strong belief in the importance of raising public awareness of sepsis and its risks, as well as supporting those affected. Recognizing that there was no sepsis charity in the Republic of Ireland, together they determined to change that and the idea for the Irish Sepsis Foundation was born.

At the Irish Sepsis Foundation, we are a dedicated Charity committed to raising awareness, providing support, and advancing knowledge about sepsis in Ireland. Established with a passion for saving lives and improving outcomes, our foundation works tirelessly to educate the public, healthcare professionals, and policymakers about the critical importance of early recognition and prompt intervention in sepsis cases.

Two people promoting Sepsis awareness.

At the core of our mission is a commitment to reducing the devastating impact of sepsis on individuals and their families. We strive to foster a community where information flows freely, resources are accessible, and collaboration flourishes.

Through awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and support programs, we aim to empower individuals to recognize the signs of sepsis, seek timely medical attention, and become active partners in their healthcare journey. Additionally, we engage with healthcare professionals to enhance their understanding of sepsis protocols, ultimately improving patient outcomes across the country.

Join us in our journey to combat sepsis, save lives, and create a future where sepsis is not just treatable but preventable. Together, we can make a profound impact on the health and well-being of our Nation.

The Irish Sepsis Foundation is a member of both the Global Sepsis Alliance and the European Sepsis Alliance.