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On Thursday the 5th of January my son Rian woke up it was normal day he was eating and drinking wet nappies everything was ok he attended his crèche from 1-4pm when o collected him teachers said he was great and had a good day.

At around 6:30pm Rian vomited he had a temp I gave him calpol and snuggled up on chair with him I noticed his feet where cold and that he had a molted rash Rian was a moaning a bit like he was in pain and his heart was beating fast at this stage I had rang Rian's Grandad to take us to temple street. His Grandad held him while I packed his bag I looked at him and he was vacant for couple of seconds like I waved my hand in front of his face and he didn't blink straight away We left for temple street.

I arrived to temple at around 8:30 it was empty there was one person in the waiting room I seen triage and she checked him temp and glucose was all normal Rian also had 2 episodes of diarreha while sitting in the waiting room I reading a sign on the wall that said symptoms of sepsis Somthing I was already aware of after following the Sean Hughes story and the Lil Red's Legacy Sepsis Awareness Campaign.

Rian had the following symtoms: molted skin, vomiting, and was unusually cold.

I went into the doctor and he checked Rian over I explained I had seen the sign outside and I would like to have him checked for sepsis the doctor told me Rian didn't have sepsis that these where symptoms of viral infection and viral infections have similar symptoms.

I asked him for a second opinion and to just check his heart to which he did an ecg twice and said it was normal.

Rian was still drinking his bottle and he also had a wet happy he looked to be normal sleeping comfortably and his temperate and rash where gone the doctor came back to me around 1am and explained that Rian had stomach bug and that he had got second opinion and they where sure it wasn't sepsis.

He explained Rian may be tired and would need rest his after care advice was that if Rian takes a seizure that lasts longer than 5 minutes to ring an ambulance (as I think he though it was seizure). I had explained my concerns and 2 doctors had told me my son hadn't got sepsis I wasn't a medical professional so I believed the doctors and thought maybe I was over reacting.

I left hospital and Arrived home around 1:30 Rian vomited at 2:30 which doctor said would be normal as he had stomach bug.

I put him into my bed with me around 3am and we slept till 8:45 when I woke up I noticed Rian had a rash it was like purple rash under his skin I grabbed him and rushed straight to blanch hospital to where I told reception I think my baby has sepsis aw this stage he was weak his lips where blue and I though I would lose him Blanchardstown done everything they could and they helped my baby they then transferred us to Crumlin hospital where Rian was rushed to icu doctors then told me and David that he had meningococcal sepsis and that he was one of the sickest children in Ireland I can never explain the feeling of fear and helplessness that I couldn't help my baby.

Rian spent 5 days in icu where he received the best care from the nursing staff in Crumlin ICU he was sedated for 5 days to allow his body to fight the infection he had a breathing tube and dialise machine to clean the infection from his blood.

After 3 days Rian came off the dialysis machine, and on the fourth day his breathing tube was taken out and the medications where being lowered slowly, this was on day 4 in icu I was able to wash him and he was awake holding my hand I felt to grateful for him to be here with me it felt like nothing else mattered.

I am sharing my story in the hope that no other parent will ever be let down and no other family will have to experience what we have.

Sepsis is silent but so deadly!

Please be aware of sepsis my child was healthy and well looked after you think it won't happen to you but it can happen to anyone trust your gut you know more about your child that any doctor.